Suggest me a game, possibly isometric view, where I can spend countless hours

Just when I was in the mood for some intense action, all failed on me. Battlefield 3 ended, Medal of Honor ended, so did COD 4 (and for weird reason I don't like Far Cry 2). So now, I'm looking for a game where I can spend my boring times into.

I tried Dota 2 for a while but these dragons, mythological creatures and stuff like that aren't really for me. So I stopped playing. Farming games are addictive, but all of them are freemium model -- so I have to either wait forever for something to happen or spend real cash.

I spent time playing games like C&C Red Alert 2, Generals and a few flash games that I can no longer remember of. Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Street Fighter these are some of the best games I've ever played. But the fact that you can't continue if all of your lives are lost keeps me from playing those.

Right now I have Mirror's Age, Red Alert 3, Dead Space, Dead Space 3 on my Steam/Origin, but my Internet speed is around 20 kB/s. So, I'm looking for browser-based/small sized games that I can play for hours.

That's why I said isometric, as most small-sized games tend to have an isometric view. So, any suggestions for me?