One of the Worst Articles about the New Surfaces

This is horrible. I am not saying that the Surface is better or worse than the Ipad and the Galaxy Tab. I believe that is completely up to personal preference.Lets get into the article and tell you why they are wrong.

Problem #1: The Price

Surface 2 32GB $449

Galaxy Tab 16GB $399

Ipad (4th) 16GB $499

I would say these devices are very evenly priced. The Surface 2 32GB gives you pretty close to the same working memory as all the others. Seems to me that the Surface is right in between the Ipad and Galaxy Tab. I would say that is a very fair place to put it.

Problem #2: Form Factor

So their claim is that the Surface is hard to use on your lap like a laptop. Oddly enough a kickstand is now a negative feature. The Surface's kickstand makes it easy to use on a desk or flat surface no one would disagree with this. The way Microsoft built the surface makes the kickstand unobtrusive and the tablet is still easy to hold when the kickstand is not open. So the Surface has a feature that the Ipad and Galaxy Tab do not have yet it is bad because you cannot use that feature in every possible situation? What? The Galaxy Tab is the only tablet that comes with an S-pen and that is a negative because I cannot use it when the tablet is underwater. (Similar Thought process and sounds equally as stupid)

Now if their complaint was about the Surface 2 being 16:9 and that makes it too wide to use I could say that is a legitimate complaint but is also a preference not a fact.

Problem #3: The Ecosystem

This is a true problem. All of the other above complaints are unwarranted. The Surface 2 is fairly priced and has a great form factor. It has excellent accessories and is steadily building and ecosystem which is really its last remaining flaw.

Now whether RT needs to exist is a different discussion. I am just tired of seeing some of these articles bashing this very good product that I would like to exist and thrive so we can continue to see cool innovations in the tablets.

Do some of you guys see similar things being posted because it is very sad state of things. Let me know what you think.