Apple Remote - Keynote Presentations

Hey guys!

I'll keep it brief. I recently started business school and I got an 11" Macbook Air (2013). I will be making presentations rather frequently, so I know for sure I'll need a Mini DP - VGA adapter.

I'd like to use an Apple Remote during my presentations in order to pass the slides. I've read, however, that newer models don't sport an IR port and thus wouldn't work with the Apple Remote. I know I could use the Remote app for iPhone, but that requires both devices to be connected to the same wifi network and I'd rather not depend on something external like that. Wifi can be spotty in some classrooms.

Do you know of any alternative to the Apple Remote? It's so stylish! Many of the clickers I've seen are bulky, huge things I'd hate to use. Hope you guys can help! Off-topic: is there a cable I can use to plug my Air to my TV via HDMI and have it carry video AND sound? That'd be great.

Thanks a million guys!