New Android Update for Hangouts rolling out

Before we start, no there is no SMS integration, we still await that day. Still a good update though.

We get a new dosage of Hangouts today on Android (of course it will probably take a couple days to reach everyone).

Some well appreciated improvements coming, and it seems they have made sure to put the time in where it counts, a lot of people had problems with the lack online indicator, which seems to be brought back with this update for mobile.

Here's a short list of changes.

- You can see who's reachable right now on Hangouts. Green icons mean they are, and gray icons mean they aren't.

- It's easier to browse your contacts when starting a new Hangout. From top to bottom you'll now see 'People you Hangout with’, 'Suggested People', and 'Other Contacts'.

- Hangout invites are now located above your conversations so they're easier to find.

- Aaaand... you can hide people from the New Hangout screen by pressing on their name for a few seconds and touching 'Hide contact.'

The update is rolling out on Google Play over the next few days (v1.2,

Source - Google +