Lumia 1020 Day One: from joy to dismay. [UPDATE]

Lumia 1020 arrived today, got home from work and unboxed it like a kid at Christmas. I took a few photos and now all I get what I open any camera app is black screen, I've tried both soft and hard resets, I've went into Setting > Applications and reset the camera app to no avail. Anyone else came across this issue? Any other ideas guys?

[UPDATE] After visiting 3 different Phones4U stores and a 40minute wait in the final store they finally replaced it. Terrible customer service. Interestingly the customer service I received from them on Twitter was great and they told the store to replace it immediately. For me this seems to be a growing trend that CS online is better than face to face in store, which to me just seems mental. No wonder the high street is on downward spiral.