Dammed if they do. Dammed if they don't. (Surface)

Reviews bashed:

1) Lap typing (Pro/RT)
2) Kickstand angles (Pro/RT)
3) Screen resolution (RT)
4) Performance (RT)
5) Battery life (Pro)
6) Size and weight (RT)
7) Charging port awkwardness (RT/PRO)
8) Lack of differentiating factor between PRO/RT (Now RT is silver only, Pro black only)
9) Lack of international availability (RT / PRO)
10) Poor touchpad (RT/PRO)
11) Bad speakers (RT/PRO)

The Surface proposition could have been improved more generally by:

1) More accessories (Power cover, coloured type covers)
2) Docking station
3) Backlit keys
4) Better branding (removal of Windows Logo)
5) Better cameras

So what did Microsoft do:

-Improved internals dramatically to increase performance and battery life
-Two stage kickstand
-Upped screen quality
-Upped screen resolution
-Improved battery life dramatically
-Improved the charging port
-Introduced new accessories (dock, power cover)
-Improved touch and type cover stiffness and typing experience
-Improved RT cameras
-Improved speakers
-Improved audio experience
-Improved touchpad
-Thinner and lighter RT model
-Launching in more markets simultaneously and opened up pre-ordering swiftly
-Changed branding to "Surface"
-RT now different colour to Pro
-Introduced higher storage models on Pro
-Windows 8.1 to offer enhancements across the board, addressing Windows 8 gripes


As an original RT user, I honestly feel shafted. I bought my Windows RT just two months ago, and now the features that will really make my tablet shine are blocked from me? Someone who bought your device TWO MONTHS AGO?!?!
I actually bought my RT 2 months ago (7/27) and I am seriously considering selling it so I can get the S2 or maybe even SP2. I feel shafted as well. IF i had known i would have waited.
Surface pro 2 at that price? Did Microsoft learn nothing the first time with the 1st surface?

My reply is simple, if all of the above isn't good enough then:

Surface RT came out almost a year ago. Why do you feel "shafted", did you expect the hardware to never be updated!?
And look at the price drops since I purchased mine on release for £499? Do I care? NO. Because the purchase was worth it on the date of purchase. You DO NOT buy hardware for whatever use it may have tomorrow, you buy it for it's use value on that day.
Plus you still get software updates and hardware support right the way through the Windows product lifecycle.
Hardware changes and advances as a fast pace. What should MS have done - kept the Tegra 3 ruining the Surface and Windows RT for 2/3 years? No. If Surface 2 is successful, you'll have more apps and a better ecosystem. The Pro also needed improvements, other vendors are introducing changes to their product line ups, and what is Microsoft meant to do, never release a new product just because someone may have purchased it two days before?
Or should have they pulled a random cut off point and put massive advertisements everywhere "NEW SURFACE COMING IN 2 MONTHS, DO NOT BUY OUR CURRENT GEN"...surely then people who purchased the surface a month before that date would feel "shafted".
Sorry, rant. People miss me off. Humanity is going backwards.