This is how 50% of iOS 7 users feel.

I can't believe this hasn't been on the verge all day.

Apple's iOS 7 Brings Jack to Tears (via Derek Colling)

I wrote this back in January:

My Opinion: Apple can’t abandon Skeuomorphism en-masse.

The best Apple can and will do is promote this new design language. Apple has consistently made it’s fortunes by enabling the technologically disenfranchised – not by courting to existing computer users. When unveiling the iPhone 5, Jonny Ive said he tried designing something completely new that surprisingly felt familiar in hand. The past is familiar. The past is comforting. Let’s take a quick look at some aspects of Apple’s history. First, Steve & Steve joined a Typewriter, a Television set and a CPU to make the Apple I. With the iPhone they popularized the touch screen. Have you ever seen someone unfamiliar with a computer afraid to touch the mouse or hit any keys because they don’t want to break anything? That is why it makes sense for a UI based on touching to employ Skeuomorphic aspects – It eliminates the fear of touching.