Chromecast - Who is still using it as their primary streaming device?

I ordered it day 1 and used it heavily for a week. It has been not used at all since.

My reasons are:

1) I'm not such a big user of Youtube on big screen to begin with and hence one of the most useful and simple thing you can do with Chromecast is not much of a compulsory factor to me. This of course doesn't apply to you at all and I'm not dismissing this as the most useful feature of the device.

2) But I use Netflix heavily and tried it with Netflix for a week. Immediately noticed that whenever I've to pause/play the movie, I've to unlock my tablet, go to Netflix app which will sync with Chromecast for a second or two and then hit the pause/play button. This is purely a chore compared to my PS3/Roku where I just hit a button in the remote. This made a huge difference and I just found myself automatically preferring Roku or PS3 over Chromecast whenever I used Netflix.

3) Chrome mirroring and streaming (which are in beta) is just simply unusable with my Mac because of the terrible latency and cast quality. (I initially believed my router could be one of the reason behind this but now use a dual band AC router which doesn't make it much better). To be honest, it's nowhere near functional to be called an usable feature.

4) Well, nothing more to use it with at all. Hopefully support will grow.

I still believe that this small device has lot of potential but till now it has just been a disappointing experience compared to Roku/PS3/Xbox or most other streaming devices.

Coming to the title, who is still using it as their primary entertainment streaming device and how has been your experience?