Facetime Audio Calls

Let's talk Facetime Audio. Is anybody here using it?

I've been testing Facetime Audio calling since my 5C arrived and I handed down my 4S to my wife. So far, the audio quality has been very good compared to voice calling, and I've found no other issues with it. I can't help but think that this could be a big thing, as important as iMessaging. It's free mobile telephony when wifi (or free data) is available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod owners.

How is it different to Skype or Google's product or other competitors? It's built-in. If you know somebody's mobile phone number, you can call them over Facetime as easily as you can make a regular phone call or send them an iMessage. The software is already there, the connection is as easy as a regular voice call.

How is it different to iMessage? The big advantage to iMessages is that they are largely indistinguishable from SMSs to the sender and receiver. The users just use the standard messaging app and Apple knows how and when to route them as iMessages instead of SMS. At this point Facetime still uses its own app. But for how long?