Bad journalism

I'm fairly new to the site and though I understand everyone has their biases the amount of misinformation, misleading headlines, and sloppy journalism has become somewhat infuriating. Today I read an article that claimed "Dell...bailed on Windows RT." which I have some issues with.

My first issue is the article contradicts itself. If the "company won't comment about its future Windows RT plans" how can you go on to claim that "Dell...bailed on Windows RT."

My second issue is that they offer no proof to back up this claim. This isn't an opinion piece. They are simply speculating that discontinuing the XPS 10 is indicative of abandoning the platform as opposed to a rather obviously timed second generation refresh, and then reporting that speculation as fact. This is bad journalism. Why not aim to cut through the BS as opposed to spreading misinformation?

Look, I don't know what Dell's plans are but according to Neowin, which recently posted an article stating that Dell will in fact be announcing a new RT device next week, neither do you:

Yea, I know I could just leave the Verge, but why don't I just ask them to do better for now.