Dear Samsung..... You forgot about the UI

Samsung has become quite the multifaceted handset maker within the Android arena. They had humble beginnings, joining into the Android craze when it launched it's most notable device, the Galaxy S. From there, they evolved their hardware and their Android version; giving it the name "TouchWiz".

Sparing you of boring history, we fast forward to the launch of the Galaxy S3 and the announcment of Samsung's "Nature UX" in TouchWiz. This was Samsung's way of starting down the path of turning TouchWiz into a totally separate version of Android, no longer just a "skin". While Samsung has definitely "thrown in the kitchen sink" when it comes to features, they have still left one area untouched. The user interface.

Yes Samsung, you've come a long way, you've done a ton of things to make the user experience great but now, you need to hire a designer because TouchWiz looks like crap. It's like a slap in the face to the people who are buying your devices. I present to you now a visual outlay of the atrocities committed by Samsung and their lack of caring about the UI design:






Now, while I do think Samsung has made some good devices, most notably right now that would be the GS4 and GN3; the UI is in serious need of an overhaul. Pre-Android 4.0, the UI was horrible, also OEMs needed to be different to set themselves apart. Since 4.0 though, it's been a pretty massive change visually which OEMs I think need to embrace. Possibly in a similar fashion where Motorola's Android looks pretty much like stock Android and still has all of their unique features.

Samsung pretty much nailed it, spec wise, when it comes to the Note 3 which is it's latest device... but damn, looking at that UI just disgusts me.