Mostly for camera and app performance (browser, Twitter, FB Messenger, etc), Xperia or iPod Touch 5th-gen?

Hello guys again, I'm sorry to come on board again with the same topic. But since I've spread the word about my decision to get iPod Touch as my first iOS device mostly because of its camera and "better app ecosystem", a few of my friends -- some iPod users included -- have been saying that I should get Xperia phone instead if camera matters to me.

I've always admitted that Apple cameras are best in the class when it comes to mobile photography. Only HTC One seems like a worthy competitor to iPhones. But I'm not getting an iPhone, rather rooting for an iPod Touch 5th generation. And I'm on a tight budget so can't get Xperia Z1 or HTC One.

I've owned Xperia Mini Pro as my first device and it is needless to say the 5 MB shooter it had was even better than my Samsung point-and-shoot camera that i had won over a technology blogging contest.

Now the question is, for a budget of around $300, with emphasis on camera and most common app performances, should I get Xperia phone or an iPod Touch 5G? I know the occasional lag in Android is an issue but I'm not really sure if, at this price point, there is a better camera on any Xperia device. (I always get lost when choosing an Xperia device because there are so many....)

So folks, please help me. I've just picked up my visa today and will be visiting the United States (Silicon Valley -- yay! For Mozilla Summit 2013) in October first week, so I need suggestions.