Google's been busy

Search, Hangouts, Youtube, Voice and Gmail all got updated yesterday. Play Books also made itself available in 8 asian countries and New Zealand.

We get separate news stories when individual iOS apps get a visual facelift for iOS7, but not a peep when Google updates most of their core apps in the wake of a Nexus 5 and Android 4.4? This is where you'd normally see some kind of claim about bias, or for begging for equal treatment, but this is par for the course. I don't come here for news, and haven't for almost a year.

I figured I'd get a discussion going, see who's received these updates yet, how they're enjoying them, etc. If you're in one of the countries that received Play Books, will you use it? Just check it out? Do you have a solution already that you're invested in? I haven't received any of the updates yet, although I think I'll just grab the apk's from android police here shortly.