No 14.6" Surface Book This Year, a Problem?

Is there any good news about this?

It seems like there will be a Surface Mini released before a Surface Book, which is a rumored 14.6" device from Microsoft. Do you think Microsoft's slow roll-out of other device models/sizes is hindering them of success of a rapid Surface brand uptake? Me personally, I can't see myself buying a Surface RT or Pro, but would definitely buy a Mini and a Book.As a Multimedia Designer, I would love to whip out my 14.6" Surface for heavy work and use the Mini for taking notes/sketches. (Yes, I said whip out)

Now the rumored 14.6" Surface is likely to not have a kickstand implementation like the Pro and its younger siblings. I say this because, there's may be a poor power-to-balance ratio happening if the Surface Pro, if it were to be 14.6" device sitting on a "lap". That being said, could this be what they're working on? Or maybe there's a lot of conflict between other OEMs.

Nevertheless, in order for Microsoft to get serious, they must shake things up, make a mini and a larger Surface/ultrabook. Like before Christmas.