Celebrity sightings are a rite of passage in New York City, and there are famous people everywhere. Yet in all my time here, the best I’d done was the empty Gotham PD cars strewn all over Wall Street between Dark Knight takes. But in the last two weeks, my luck changed.

First I saw Paul Rudd, walking in cargo shorts and a very baggy white T-shirt. Then, not 48 hours later, a scruffy Paul Giamatti walked past me on the street holding hands with his son. In both cases, I knew I had to take a picture — you’re not really a New Yorker until you’ve failed to play it super cool passing an A-list celebrity. So I reached into my pocket, and pulled out my phone. Then I reached into my bag for the Sony Cyber-shot QX100.

The $499 QX100, and its cheaper sibling, the $249 QX10, were made for this moment. They’re designed to be companions to your smartphone, offering a huge boost in image quality along with all the sharing and editing features you already use on your phone. They connect to any Android or iOS device — finally, a decent way to take pictures with your iPad — and promise the best of both a point-and-shoot and a cellphone. They look like lenses, and act like cameras.

This was my Instagram moment, I could feel it.