the propositions of microsoft and nokia are no good...... it's as simple as that!

so i am sick of the apple device buy back deals that microsoft keeps throwing. i am sick of the it's time to switch ads and i am also sick of wp enthusiasts! all of these deals and ads make it sound like iOS and android users don't know any better and that as soon as they try wp, they will be delighted. but why can''t nokia and MS and wp enthusiasts see the big fat giant elephant in the room? why can they not see the truth as it is. so here is a bit of truth:

windows phone devices and tablets are a failure not because android users and apple users are too dumb to discover them. they failed and continue failing because they are mediocre products with a mediocre mobile OS that offers nothing besides aesthetics.

let's begin with the phones: Nokia's phones are pretty but they are heavy and they love to slip and fall. screen is not as responsive as the iphone. it takes my 920 15 minutes to wake up after plugging it after it had run out of charge. camera in 920 is mediocre and in the 1020 it is great but sluggish as a snail.

now onto the mobile OS: oh boy where do i start?

1-important apps ARE STILL MISSING.

2-Apps are of inferior quality. my wells fargo app does not work. can anyone explain to me why? why can't i use MS wallet to pay for skype? can anyone tell me?

3-crappy annoying toast notifications.

4-addresses in IE lead to bing maps, as opposed to nokia maps; what a mess.

5-lack of alphabetical order in setting list: bizarre and extremely annoying.

6-cannot set up volume and ring tones for specific functions.

7- slow IE.

8-limited tabs in IE.

9-no support from google. gmail and youtube both suck on wp.

10-incredibly inefficient controls. try adjusting brightness of a picture or adding a new contact. it takes 10 clicks to accomplish these tasks while takes only a few in android and iOS.

11-no video editing. Arent nokia/wp devices suppose to be the photographer's choice? How come i am unable to edit a video on my 920? why am i denied the ability to edit a video and put it on facebook the way iOS and android users do? why can't i achieve that with my supposedly superior camera phone?

12-wp keyboard: can anyone explain to me the logic in denying us a downward arrow key?

13-voice command: why can i not use the voice command in IE? why? why only in bing, txt msg and email? how about the million other native apps in which one can use voice command?

14-why is it that iphone users can ask siri to wake em up at a certain time and yet no siri equivalent in wp? why? is MS not the company that uses kinnect technology? why can't they make something like siri?

15-can anyone explain to me the usefulness of NFC? MS wallet is useless.

16-where is street view in maps? i want street view.

17-wp app download via PC does not work.

18-no timely updates; i used to criticize android for update problems but here i am with an At&T 920 that has not seen GDR update that allows video editing and solve the problem of miserable daylight pics.

i understand that updates are coming! BUT THAT IS STILL UNACCEPTABLE. for instance, i needed a video editor at the time i shot memorable vids of my trip to yosemite with my friends. the trip took place 2 months ago. there is no point of me editing vids now and posting them on facebook for an event that took place 2 months ago. i needed the app two months ago. this is a basic function that should have been there. having stupid useless gimicky kids corner is no substitute for a video editing app in a phone that is supposed to be the photographer's choice.

now onto surface 2 and surface pro 2:

why in the world would anyone buy a surface 2 when there is hardly any apps and when you can buy an ipad that has a gazillion apps? makes no sense to me.

the surface pro 2 is a great device but it is too expensive. even if it is superior to the MBA and even if it is made of better material, STILL, a company struggling for recognition and user base should not be marking their devices at premium prices. the surface pro 2 with 8 G RAM along with touch cover combined SHOULD BE CHEAPER THAN MBA, perrrriod!

now onto the OEMs:

can anyone tell me why there has not been a single compelling laptop/ultrabook for windows 8? computers either have crappy screens or crappy track pads or crappy designs....why can there not be one single computer that has specs and quality and screen as good and beautiful as the mac book pro? one! all we need is one. why can't samsung, toshiba and asus make at least one product worth spending money on?

in a nutshell, iOS 7 is out. and a major android update is looming. these mobile OS's are incredibly mature and useful. yet even with windows phone blue, which who knows when it will come, wp will remain light years behind in terms of features, efficiency and app support. the next iphone is going to have a larger screen and will be most likely gorgeous and android devices remain lighter and thinner than the lumias. therefore, i predict that many people, myself included, will not renew contracts on wp devices. i personally am getting the iphone 6 as soon as it comes out next September; after all, why do i have to wait until 2015 just so i can use Venmo and Instagram on my phone or just so i can ask my phone to wake me up at a certain hour?