Android Has a New Theme, It is Called iOS 7

Although elegant, iOS 7 has made iPhone just an ordinary Android phone.

1. Camera has no elegant opening salvo. Capturing a moment now turns your screen black abruptly. Gone are the days when capturing a picture feels like an aperture has opened or closed.

2. Deleting a picture from Photo app no longer has the cool animation iPhone is known for in deleting pictures, notes, etc.

3. Deleting a pass from passbook has lost its very gorgeous user interface.

4. Music App has Repeat Create Shuffle label/options in Now Playing. And turning your phone horizontally lost its trail to what album is playing. All you see are square albums with no reference as to what song is playing.

5. Video app in iPad no longer has the cool Door FX when tapped.

iPhone has lost the luxury in its built-in apps. iOS 7 made them cleaner and easy to the eyes.

iPad has lost its elegance too. You feel like a one-grader designed the Music App, Notes App and Safari App.

Einsten told us to make things simple, but not SIMPLER.

Not so simple as to give us a step behind user experience.