Changes to The Verge

So I saw that they changed Android Army to GooglePlex and it reminded me of these other changes that I suggested to The Verge that would make the user experience better. Here are the suggestions I made:

The Site

I read this article about Content Censorship (link below) that was so brilliantly written that I immediately looked for a way to 'Like' it only to find that The Verge doesn't have such a feature. So I used the 'Tip Us' feature to submit my tip saying that there should be a way to Thumbs Up articles and maybe even posts that we like. This would be saved to our profile and all the articles/posts we liked can be easily accessed under a 'My Likes' link. This would make it more personal and give me more of an incentive to keep returning to the site.

Curses! The birth of the bleep and modern American censorship

The App

In The Verge app, the Forum Posts are presented in three different views 'Active', 'Recent' and 'Popular', all three of which do NOT have anything to do with the Current User. So, I said they should consider either adding a new tab or changing one of the existing tabs to something like 'My Activity'. This tab would only contain posts on which I commented at least once (ordered by time of course) so that I can get to all the posts I'm participating in, quickly. There are at least 2 other tabs which I can use to discover new posts anyway. This again gives a much more personal feel to the app, as opposed to the current, impersonal, website-like implementation.

The Sad Part

This was nearly a couple months ago. I don't think we have any such features implemented yet. But, I understand that because you don't just add features willy-nilly because some user thought they would be a good idea. Here's the kicker though: I used my email to submit these suggestions and I didn't even get an acknowledgement that they have been received and will be considered (or some such boilerplate..). That was pretty sad I thought.

Anyway, I'd like to hear what you guys think about it..