WP8 App Suggs for Lumia 928

I've been a member of the Microsoft Tribe for long enough to have seen lots of threads like these. I'm reluctant to spam the forum with yet another one, but the speed at which app selections change removes my hesitation.

I just purchased a Lumia 928, and I'd like to know what some of the community's favorite apps are. I've already downloaded 6tag, and I really like it. Also, the standards like Twitter and Facebook are a given. Here's what I use a lot every day.

Calendar Youtube Twitter (downloaded the official app, but would try 3rd party if better) Email (varies with Outlook, Gmail, etc) Alarm

I'm sure there's more I'm leaving out, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment so don't feel restricted to that list of functions. What apps really stand out to you guys and gals on Windows Phone? I'll definitely appreciate apps that adopt the Windows Phone design language over an app that feels like a crappy port of an Android or iPhone app.