App purchases, that you are proud of!

I was on an App-buying-mood today....and bought numerous apps with a Play Store Card. What are the most interesting apps that you bought in recent times?

Apps I bought today:

1) Fieldrunners 2 : Just one of the best Tower Defense games of all time!

2) Lux Auto-Brightness : Sub-Zero mode is the best. There are free alternatives, but I really like how this app functions.

3) TV Show Favs Premium Key: I am a TV junkie. TV Show Favs is basically free for most functions. I have been using their app for a really long time. So I thought that its time to support them. Its a bit pricey but you also get some nice extra-features. [BTW, if you decide to buy it, buy it via the in-app purchase]

4) Yatse Unlocker: I have a Raspberry Pi that I use with RaspBMC (XBMC). Yatse is the best controller out there. I bought the app because I loved the genious feature of streaming all my films/series collection directly to my mobile.

5) Solid Explorer Unlocker: Solid Explorer is a visually stunning File Explorer with a huge number of features. I tried out numerous file-exlorers before this, but Solid Explorer is by far the most intuitiv (2-Panel View) .

Overtime I have bought other Apps offcourse like PowerAmp, Akimbo Audiobook Player, Nova launcher etc. But the above mentioned apps, I bought today.

This is offcourse an attempt to look for new and interesting apps as I still have some bucks left on the card.

So tell me, which apps did you buy in recent times that you are very proud of :-)