Surface Pro

I have been using my surface pro (last gen) much more now as I have started classes this September after getting my pro in build. I think Surface pro is a student's digital dream come true (With power cover and Surface 2 it might be fantasies fulfilled) ...

One note is awesome, Convert Writing to Text and Math are life savers, Pen works super well...take pictures and videos and insert right into the page. Light to hard gaming / entertainment in free time (though need to plug it back in after 4-5 hrs), Device plays multiple roles flawlessly and your backpack is extremely light. So my recommendation to a Student (who can afford) will be

- Surface Pro 2

- Power Cover

- Dock with a Nice Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse at home

Can't wait power cover to wait soon enough. MS has nailed Tablet / full pc experience and I am sure more and more people will realize it after seeing it in action.