iOS7 and a iPad...

So I went too the apple store today to try out iOS7 on the iPad4 as I'm going to pre order the iPad 5 as soon as I can, and I was left with mixed feelings.

iOS7 felt very sluggish at times, and I just didn't expect that, Some of it was to do with long winded animations which I could get used too, but other bits just felt unnecessarily slow.

  • The video player overlay would take up to a second after I touch the screen to appear at times - this is a big deal as I want to watch a lot of things on the iPad
  • Touches just weren't responding at times, this again is something I have never seen on a iOS device. I would have to hit icons several times before it would launch sometimes. I tried 2 devices cause the first was just so bad. The second one was better but it just kept taking 2-3 touches before things would work at times.
  • The usually multi tasking gestures just don't work as well as they did on my brothers iPad 2
  • Safari would slow down whenever I hit the tabs page.
There was some really good things I liked about iOS7, overall it looks amazing, I love the back gesture, but hate how it is not OS wide. I love how you can use several finger scroll up to launch the multi tasking bar (Found this out by mistake). Things like the camera was just soo much faster then anything I have ever seen and super smooth. Generally OS navigation is nice, and the animation really make the whole thing feel live, albeit it slower then I would like at times.
All this testing was done on a iPad 4, and most of the experience I was comparing to my brothers iPad 2 and iOS6. I'm still 99% sure I will get an iPad 5 but I just found it really surprising how iOS7 was not stable and smooth, 2 things apple rules at.