Switching from Android to iPhone?

Is it just me that is seeing a whole lot of people making the switch from Android to iPhone? It seems like lots of folks I know either excited about iOS 7 or about the colorful iPhone 5c or about a "Gold" iPhone or about a fingerprint sensor. Even some hardcore Android fans who are spec mongers seems excited about a 64-bit smartphone.

My neighbor texted me to watch her house this weekend when they are out of town and the long-running conversation of green bubbles showed up in blue (indicating iMessage was in use). It surprised me since I had always seen her with an Android phone. In reading these forums I am seeing plenty of folks who own the Nexus 4 who are switching now that iOS 7 is out or because they like something about the 5S or 5C.

So my question to recent switchers is, if you have switched, what got you to switch?

- iOS 7?

- Touch ID?

- 64-Bit CPU?

- Battery Life?

- Colorful Options?

- Gold Finish?

- Camera?

- Something else?

Just curious what is driving this recent wave of excitement from some/many Android users with regards to the new iPhones.