SkyDrive, Office 365 Student edition and SkyDrive Pro - frustrating to set up

I just got the Office 365 university edition that I got after having plenty of errors and emails not be sent from MS to confirm my student email address. I ended up being able to purchase it and got it installed after creating a new email account. I feel MS could make things clearer. I have skydrive already set up on my computer associated with another email address and when I go to Windows explorer I have a folder there I can put stuff in and have it sync online and to other PCs I have skydrive installed on. I found out after looking about that the free 20gb skydrive they give to you in the package aint skydrive but skydrive pro. I saw some screen shot where there are separate folder/destintations in Windows Explorer for Skydrive and yourname @skydrive.

I found a guide on how to set it up but it got to a part where it said that you need to go to the skydrive web interface on Office365 there was no link though, there was a screenshot but I couldn't find nothing like that when logged into my new outlook / skydrive account. Typing in office365 in google can bring you to many websites none of them clear that you are logging into Office365. The one's I did log into and I ended up on skydrive never gave me the option to hit a sync button that was displayed in the guide. Maybe because it's new but I'm finding it frustrating.

I tried downloading from office 365 and it downloaded the same file that I downloaded when I originally downloaded it ages ago, and when I went to install it, it just opened up my old skydrive account. goto start menu and type in skydrive pro click on it and it has something about sync but according to the guide I read you have to get the skydrive pro web interface web address and put it in there.

Any help or simple guides to get this (should be) simple thing done