Say "Okay, Google Now" On Your Non-Moto Device

So, surfing through the Internet one day I decided to do a little bit of research on Motorola's Touchless Control, or the thing that lets you say "Okay, Google Now" to launch Google Now. Well, I stumbled upon an app called Open Mic+ (link below), which basically does the same thing.

I downloaded it from the developer's website, and needless to say, I really liked it. Mostly everything works as it should, and really my HTC One hasn't seen too many ill effects on the battery usage. With the app, you can set custom "hotphrases", like mine is "Ok Jarvis" and off to Google Now I go. There are some bugs with the app though. Sometimes it does not launch from sleep, or sometimes it will get stuck at the lock screen. But, it also has Tasker integration, so you can do some other cool stuff with it too (I don't use Tasker, but for those of you who do, you might like this).

The developer has had issues with Google removing his app from the Play Store, and is trying to get it put back on, so you will have to sideload it from his website here.