Blurred layers on the iPad 3?

While using the third generation iPad on iOS 7, I noticed something strange. Most layers that are meant to have a blurred transparent layer; such as Notification Center and Control Center, only have a half baked transparent effect.

How the effect is meant to look (iPad 4):



Now see the same GUI on iPad 3:



The way they've done it above looks terrible compared to the way it's supposed to look. \

Another example is Safari:



How it looks on iPad 3:



This UI is seemingly inconsistent even across the way they implemented it on iPad 3; i.e. the dock is transparent and when you key in a passcode it is also transparent.



This bugs me, since I'm planning on upgrading to the new iPad mini next month, and the way Apple handled iOS 7 on the old iPad 3 just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's only a year and a half old. In comparison, the iPhone 4 has this sort of effect; why not the iPad 3?

I was interested in iOS 7 for iPad a month or two ago and installed the beta. When I used it then the blurred layers feature was enabled and worked fine. I understand why they dropped AirDrop on iPad 3, but this has no logical explanation that I can think of.

It makes me think Apple are just leaving this out to force people to upgrade sooner rather then later or live with an inferior type of iOS and I'm not a fan.