October event hardware predictions:

I posted this in another thread, but after some further thinking; I thought I'd post an update separately. What I’m expecting is:

iPod Touch lingers at $199/32gb or goes away.

iPad 2 goes away completely.

nonRetina iPad Mini at 1028×768, A6, 16gb @ $249

Retina iPad Mini at 1440×1080 (or even 1600×1200), A7, 32/64gb @ $349/449, iOS 7.1

Retina iPad 5 at same res as last model, A7X, 32/64/128gb @ $499/599/699, iOS 7.1

This fills every major price point. The new resolution for the R.Mini allows Apple to up the res on the full sized iPad in a year or two to 2880×2160 or 3200×2400, this first of which is, btw, nearly the same res as the 15" rMBP.

rMBP 13", Haswell + Iris Pro 5200, pci-e storage, 1 TB2, 12 hour battery life @ $1399
rMBP 15", Haswell + GT770m, pci-e storage, 2 TB2,8 hour battery life @ $1999

Don’t really expect any surprises here. Might see a more hardcore GPU in the 15". Don’t expect to see the 17 return.

Mac Pro as teased. 16gb, 512gb @ $1999 starting.

Here’s where I’m hoping things get interesting:
Mac Mini redesigned to Mac Cube; two sizes:
5×5×5 Cube = Haswell + Iris Pro 5200, 8gb ram, pci-e storage + HDD, 1 TB2, $699
7×7×7 Cube = Haswell + GT770m, 8/16gb ram, pci-e storage + HDD + blu-ray 4k (bdxl), 2 TB2, $999

Alternatively, perhaps the Mini will see a cylindrical design like the new Mac Pro.

27" 1600p Thunderbolt (2) Display @ $999
30" UHD Thunderbolt (2) Display @ $1999 ( with dedicated GPU via TB for $2500?)

This one is pure supposition on my part:
Old style non-retina MBPs go away, in favor of:
14" Macbook = steel frame + polycarb body (like the 5c), Haswell + Iris Pro 5200, 1920×1200, 8gb ram, pci-e storage + HDD (or bdxl), 14 hour battery life. $1499

Perhaps some type of TBAS (Thunderbolt Attached Storage) Array for the Mac Pro. And possibly a USB3 BDXL drive (depends on whether they've figured out licensing. Personally, I would sell the license with the drive, or with the playback app.)

This is all just guesswork mixed with a fair amount of wishful thinking on my part. What do you think? Better yet, what are your predictions?