The Lazy Templates to Review an Apple product

"iProduct is not revolutionary, but..."

"While these and that are nice additions, nothing here is exactly revolutionary"

"Don't get me wrong, the iProduct is not revolutionary"

Do journalists have a template to review Apple products? They all run along the same line.

I mean, I couldn't resist myself from some sarcastic remarks after reading all the reviews for iPhone 5s and iOS 7. It reminds me that many tech reviewers have no idea what they are talking about. I feel that the more a reviewer is ignorant about the workings of the tech world, the more sweeping statements (using words like revolutionary) he/she makes.

I know one person who I think knows what he is talking about. He is called Chris Pirillo, who has a YouTube channel. He does normal tech stuff(unboxings, reviews)and some other random stuff. He has been making negative reviews on iOS 7 not because it isn't revolutionary, but because of many design flaws and performance issues. (which I happen to agree) He almost never uses sweeping words like revolutionary to review a product. See, I think you gotta review a product by telling us how good/bad the experience is, not how it should be or you expected it to be.

Just my random thoughts.