Should I go buy a Lumia 521 today for $130?

Bit bored and curious today. Convince me; I have an extra prepaid line I can put it on for $3/day to test it out. I'm familiar with WP7.5 but haven't used WP8 much lately. Will it get GDR3 when its released? How about 8.1?

I'm a hard core Android user and I really don't think that WP will be able to replace my HTC One or Nexus 4, but it might make a nice backup to my backup.

Not going to switch services; that means I'll still use Gmail and DropBox. I can put my main SIM in it for a few days to use as my primary device. I use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram daily. I use Feedly for keeping up on news. A reddit client obviously. YouTube once in a while (mostly use my Nexus 7 for that). I don't want to spend much on apps unless I have to, but only $2 an app, maybe $3.

One sticking point; I do want a device primarily for work, something cheap for a BYOD program but currently, WP isn't supported. if it was, it would probably make a great work device for primarily email..but I hear our IT can make it work unofficially.