What some fail to realize about The Verge

I'm 21, I was around back before Josh became Editor in Chief of Engadget, when he was promoted, when most of the crew left and started "This Is My Next" and signed up for "The Verge" the day it was open for the public. Some of the comments on here are simply not true. The journalist don't claim to be technology experts because they are not. Lastly the biggest comment or perception seems to be that The Verge is a "Tech Site" and that's the furthest thing from the truth. Verge is more of a tech culture, or culture culture site as JTops would put it. So of course, things are going to be different from CNet or Engadget or Techno Buffalo and that's what sets Verge apart.

They warned us that this would be the changed before the site even opened. This is part of the reasons why the editors departed from AOL their writing goes a lot deeper than specs. I think one of the best additions to the site would be the law section, and some of the political things they talk about. Beyond that Verge has the biggest crew at CES. Some of you old timers who are complaining need to get with the times or find a new site. Cell phones and tech are not the only thing real Verge readers what to read about.

PS: Verge Science Rocks!