Let's compare the new Surface Tablet vs the iPad. Seriously, this is the same stupid stuff.

I don't know what's up w/ some tech journalists who time and time again, when trying to make this type of comparison, rather than looking at the tablet that the iPad is really supposed to be competing with, instead look at the pro version. I don't if it's because of a lack of familiarity, an axe to grind, or outright stupidity...but if you're a tech journalist, why would you say ''let's not compare the surface to the iPad, let's compare the surface pro 2 to the iPad" then continue to complain about the thickness, the weight, and the price.

the best part is, he closes with this

But let's end on a positive note. Here's an idea for Microsoft (Are they listening? No.): Make a Surface Pro that is as thin and light as Surface RT. Put Intel's quad-core "Bay Trail" chip inside, and sell it at a price that makes consumers (like me) think twice about buying an iPad.

Microsoft made that, it's called the surface 2. If he or anyone is really saying they need bay trail, or they need x86, why even compare it to the ipad and not the macbook air?

I really hope the verge doesn't do this shit.