Recommend me a music player / organiser on Windows?

I pretty much keep my albums in folders and access them through the file explorer and used wmp for playblack of the files after selecting them from a folder. One of the reasons for this was that wmp used to split up some albums and compilations. I found out it was the id3 tags messing things up and I have started to rename loads of albums and add cover art. I was thinking I would just use wmp but it seems abit basic. I think I got version 12.

The cover art in wmp 12 is tiny, i thought I could increase the size but it appears that you can't. I would like to see bigger coverart pictures, such as the ones I have saved which are 600x600. I want a nice looking music / media player that displays my music in a nice looking and clear way.

I'm sure some of you guys have nice setups to handle your music, if the music player is good I don't mind paying for it. I wouldn't mind features like adding lyrics, creating playlists and sharing those playlists to other devices if possible, such as to my android phone.