Surface 2 + Windows RT. Pros, cons and misconceptions (after 6 months of using Surface RT).


• Better performance. Is Tegra 4 enough? We will see, but from what we’ve seen now – new SoC should resolve most of Surface RT problems.

• Built quality. No question about it.

• Versatility. It’s not only a tablet. It’s a PC with capabilities that are more than enough for 90% user [citation needed ;) ].

• Great remote desktop capabilities with easy input (trackpad + keyboard).

• Battery life. Full day for me.

• Touch cover – it makes a HUGE difference for me and I think for a lot of people.

• Office, SkyDrive, Skype – perfect device / OS if you are using this software.

• Thin, quite light. Not as thin/light as Xperia Z Tablet but it’s almost exactly like iPad.

• Great file management using desktop file explorer. I mean GREAT.

• Full USB and support for external devices. Huge.

• Windows RT 8.1. Powerful, versatile, beautiful.

• Perfect aspect ratio for movies.

• Snap view. Really useful and easy to use. Especially in 8.1 – big improvement.

• [developing]


• Lack of legacy app support. For average user it doesn’t matter on a tablet, but there a large group of customers, which could benefit from x86 apps.

• App store is not mature yet.

• Desktop office is not as touch friendly as it should be.

• Big OS install size. It’s a problem for 32GB version.

• Not very comfortable to use on your laps. 2 gen will make a difference, but still it won’t be as comfortable as LAPtop.

• Portrait mode is a little bit awkward.

• Price is quite high for 64 GB (minus 16-18 GB for OS) + cover.

• 3rd party metro apps are often designed poorly for mouse input.

• [developing]


• "Surface is unusable on your laps." It’s definetly usable. Not comfortable, but usable. Surface 2 should be even better in this regard.

• "Portrait mode is useless." Sometimes it feels awkward, but it’s really convenient to check Facebook timeline or Verge comments in portrait.

• "Windows RT is not optimized for touch enough." Desktop part can be hard for touch input sometimes, but we have scaling and touchpad. Metro UI is PERFECT for touch use. It’s "touch first", but you can also use mouse and keyboard with ease.

• "Surface is slow". Surface RT MAY be slow (app start time, many tabs open in IE, some poorly coded apps, some games) in few situations, but in general it is really fast and snappy (multitasking, app launch time when once opened, browser in general, scrolling – all basic use cases). Surface 2 should be MUCH faster.

• "Touch cover is poor for fast typing." Yes, type cover is faster, but touch cover is still light years ahead of onscreen keyboard.

• "Windows RT is crippled." Yeap, it’s not Win 8 Pro, but it is still far more useful and powerful than both iOS and Android. And these are the OSes you should compare RT with. Not Win 8 or OSX.

• [developing]

What do you think? What do you love about Surface? What bothers you? What are the most common misconceptions about Surface and Windows RT? I’ll be adding your suggestions to the main post.