What comes close to the Inspiron 11" 3000?

You've probably seen the hands-on article from the verge about this budget bad boy http://www.dell.com/my/p/inspiron-11-3137/pd?sc_err=noocs

It's sub $400 for a light weight Haswell machine with a touch screen. I was looking at this or a Pixel for my next. I'm currently using the S3 Chromebook and adore it. The Dell 3000 is a nice package, it even has a spill resistant keyboard which I didn't pick up from the Verge's article. The listed max ram is 4gb (1 Slot) and I would hope 8gb would be compatible and I'd probably throw in a SSD since I don't need tons or storage. That would bump the total cost to around $500. Any small laptops with touch, SSD and long battery life out there or coming in October (when the 3000 ships)?