The Next Wave of Windows Phone - who's in?

So the first wave of WP8 - Lumia 920/820/810, 8x, 8s, Ativ S

GDR1 wave - Lumia 928/520/521/620/720

GDR2 wave - Lumia 925/1020, Ativ S Neo, HTC 8XT

GDR3 wave - (Details/naming not yet confirmed) Lumia 1520/1320/929/725/525, waiting on Samsung/HTC...

WP8.1 wave - (Spring 2014)

So I've been watching WP for awhile and I'm ready to jump in. So far we already know of the 1520 and the 929 (verizon). My hope is a refresh of the 9xx or 8xx series, so a Lumia 930/830. If not, I'm hoping to get Samsung's WP, which will probably be a GS4 clone like the Ativ S was for the GS3 last year- hope it reaches the US this time around. HTC will also may also deliver something similar to the One with WP, but no news on that yet.

Who else is in?