Request: Comments Layout updates

Can we please have

  • Ignore User (Minimize all Posts and replies from a User by default, shouldn't be hard to implement as you can already minimize with a click, it's just missing any kind of real use)
  • Downvoting, people are more likely to downvote someone than Flagging them. (should also minimize the post after whatever amount of downvotes, eventually make it a setting so people can choose the downvote threshold themself)
  • Arrow/linking/highlighting/username/whatever replies so you can actually see who is replying to who without having to scroll all the way up or not even knowing who a reply is actually for because it's not indented anymore.
  • Quote Comment function
  • Better blockquote? bq. is pretty weird to use if you have spaces in the quote.
  • Support embedding of at least 2 Youtube videos directly into a comment instead of just links (eventually only allow it for the forum, not for the news comments if that's even possible on the current system)
  • Scale Pictures better, instead of just "Hide" give a option for "Full Size" which may or not may expand into it's own little overlay, instead of a new page.

I would at least like to see some way to finally ignore people. Is that so hard to Code? The grayout comment function is already in place, shouldn't be to hard to just hook it up with another function and done, no?