Serial Number of MBA?

Can Apple tell where you purchased a product based on the serial number?

Here's the story:

First week of September this year, I purchased a 2013 Macbook Air from Best Buy on a college student discount. After Best Buy's 14 day return period, I noticed light leakage on all sides of the MBA towards the bezel especially near the bottom bezel. I took it to an Apple Store and they asked where I purchased it from. I answered with Best Buy and they quickly informed that because I didn't buy it from an Apple Store or online from Apple, they couldn't replace it and would instead have to repair it with, I assume, a new display part. They didn't have any displays in stock so I returned home a little disappointed with the faulty MBA.

It's a base model 2013 Macbook Air with an LG manufactured display, by the way. I've also noticed some chassis creaking when moving the laptop around. Brand new condition.

So my question again, can Apple tell where you purchased a Macbook Air based on the serial number? Could I visit the store again and just tell them that I purchased it from the Apple Store and have them switch my faulty MBA with a brand new one?