Why the XBOX Mini would work

Source EverydayDigitals (link here)

An XBOX Mini would see almost as a small streaming device, and could do pretty well in the households. It surprises me that M$ hadn't taken the idea themselves, as they announced the One to be almost entirely based around the living room, (Even the Steam Box is heading the way of that, themselves) it would work. Adding a disk drive could sell it better, but then again, why not get a separate disk reader for whoever wants disks and use the mini as it's own device.

Also from EverydayDigitals

There has been speculation since last year that Microsoft was going to make a serious move into the media streaming market when (or after) it's Next Xbox (720) is released. Microsoft announced last year that more then half have the time their customers spent using their Xbox 360's it was to access entertainment other than gaming.

So what do you think about it?