Has the Richest era of innovation gone away from the Mobile world space?

Legendary Nokia goes down after 4 more Biggies in Mobile World Space.

1. Motorola(Owned by Google)

2. BlackBerry

3. Ericsson

4. Palm (Owned LG Electronics after HP)

The Richest era of Mobile World Space had:
1. Apple
2. BlackBerry
3. HTC
4. Motorola
5. Nokia
6. Samsung
7. Sony

There were these 7 main kings who used to slit each others throat with the best Device, Design, Spec Sheet, Camera, Messaging, Display or OS UI and the Technology kept growing greener and greener each day in this era like never before. But 4 of 7 Kings are already down now, So is the competition, which further leads to the a much less innovative era.

HTC is expected next after Nokia?? - If So, Then We'd be left with just 3 powerful:

1. Apple
2. Samsung(Shifting to Tizen from December? - Maybe but slowly)
3. Sony

And This open a new chapter in the Mobile World space with a Handful new born OS like:
1. Jolla(abandoned & sold AKA Nokia's Meego)
2. FireFox OS
3. Tizen(a bit comes from Nokia's Meego)
4. Ubuntu mobile OS(died in the womb before it could open its eyes due to lack in fund raising)

For sure after these legendary ppl & organizations won't shine that bright ever after:
1. Steve Jobs(Tim Cook still doing well)
2. Steve Ballmer & Steven Elop have moved on.( $#!+ ******)
3. Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, etc.

I'm gonna miss the rapid development in Mobile world space but I hope new OSs & Phone makers would be able to keep up with new upcoming concepts of technology like: iWatch, Google Glass or soon all that tech in a just a Contact Lens without any Hardware...

RIP Nokia.. Got crushed between the cooperate world politics of Steven Elop.

Note: By the time Nokia & Motorola would still be maintained by Microsoft & Google respectively.