Microsoft can't sell smartphones under Nokia brand = Trouble in Europe.

I understand it's much better to use the Microsoft brand in North America. But in Europe Nokia is a very prominent player and has iconic status. Sure those people that have familiarized themselves with the 'lumia' brand will know what's up, but those are far and few, for the majority of Europeans they won't know that those Microsoft phones are in fact Nokia hardware.

Nokia has a good chunk of market share in several large European countries and I am afraid loosing the Nokia brand will have negative impact on market share in those countries.

Also I presume there's a clause that's stopping Nokia from starting another devices division and selling smartphones again under the Nokia brand for a good deal of time ?

It seems all Microsoft payed 7.2 Billion for was the manufacturing facilities, staff, distribution contracts, design patents, Lumia and Asha brand. But no IP, no services and not allowed to use the Nokia brand on smartphones, only on the low end Asha series and ONLY whilst it runs the current Symbian derived OS.