I can't help but think the Nokia acquisition is a bad idea

I haven't done any in depth analysis into Nokia's finances, but I think we all know they probably would have made it through this period of instability considering the upward trajectory of sales. They were nowhere near the position that Palm was in, or RIM currently finds themselves, with infinitesimal market share, near nonexistent sales, and no cash.

Now, as someone who bought several hundred shares of Nokia stock recently, and was excited for their recovery, I must say that despite my big gains this morning, I am disappointed. I'm sure that Elop was largely responsible for the sale, especially at such a low price, and if I was a resident of Espoo, or a Nokia shareholder, I'd frankly be pissed. He took a company with tons of potential on the road to recovery and gutted it, leaving a small cell tower outfit it it's place.

I'd like to revisit this in a year or so, and write another post as to whether this actually turned out badly, but I really hope this doesn't turn out to be another HP-Palm situation.