MS strategy seems to copy but not counter opponents

In sports a good manager creates a strategy to counter their opponents. In football (soccer to you Americans) if you're opponent is using less midfielders you might pack out your midfield mad play 1 striker instead of 2 etc... Winning is all about creating strategy that counters the opposition not clone them.

Apple won by doing things that MS didn't do. They didn't compete in enterprise or in selling operating systems. They started selling consumer devices and less complex computers because MS products were getting more and more complex and they saw that selling simplicity could appeal to consumers.

Google won by using search to fund zero fee products that made it cheaper to use google services even if the products were not as good. Amazon is selling low margin services to snuff out competition. In fact, all the winning companies are using counter strategies.

Microsoft on the other hand are just copying existing businesses and hoping to win. There are offering nothing significantly better than their rivals either. Just MS Badged services. From Bing to zune to windows phone I just can't see the counter strategy. Why do people think MS deserves or even can gain success in any of these markets by just simply ring there?

they are not even cheaper which used to be the reason they won (no one is cheaper than google or amazon nowadays).

Apart from azure I can't think of 1 situation where MS has a unique strategy that can counter any of the products they need to compete with.

Why become a device company when devices are about to be commodity low margin product?

Ballmer is "Mr me too" .. I hope the next CEO has a more creative business mind.