Are Macbooks in need of a redesign/tweak?

I've been planning to get a Macbook for a while, still not sure exactly what spec (I prefer the looks of the pro but the air is more suitable so it will be an air), but I can't help thinking at the moment that they could do with a design tweak.



I still think they're the best designed laptops around and I'm really nitpicking here (I love the pixel too though on pure aesthetics), but a couple of things bother me slightly.

This sounds ridiculous but I find the colour of the aluminium a bit too 'light', and I think the light up apple on the lid looks a bit dated now. On the pro I find the black bezel and squarer form factor kind of counters this for me a bit.

I'd love it if Apple took some design cues from the 5 (and supposed 5S) and offered the air in different colours, complete with a solid non-illuminated apple on the lid.

A gunmetal air with black apple logo would imo look totally sick. As would an all black air.

Is this ever gonna happen? I know how Apple works when it comes to iPhones, but I don't really know how often they update design-wise when it comes to macs. Given haswell is just out I presume we're a long while away from any redesign.

But what do you think? Do the air/pro need a bit of a redesign or are they perfect as they are?