Reading List link thread!

So Safari's Reading List feature is pretty great! Got a story you want everyone to know about? maybe you just found a really cool interview with some obscure indie musician and want to share. Well this is your thread.

The Premise…

…of this thread will be to provide a collection of links to articles/interviews/etc that YOU find interesting so that WE can add them to our offline reading list to consume later. It can be about whatever you like; music, art, automotive, sports – the point is it doesn't necessarily have to pertain to technology (although tech links are permitted of course).

The ability to read articles and stories offline is great for those of us that have daily commutes or downtime in general. So before you start Candy Crush again, you can check out a few interesting reads first –seriously though, you should take a break from Candy Crush, I'm worried about you.

*Please refrain from getting into lengthy discussions. This should be mainly a link list, with brief description of the topic of your posted article/interview/etc. If you want to append a related link to a previous post thats fine. This will make it easier to navigate and find interesting reads for all visitors. Let your "Recommends" do the talking.*