Microsoft/Nokia Deal. The Consumers Win.

After doing some research it seems that the Microsoft deal will severely benefit Windows Phone and it's users. It will allow for real integration with Microsoft's services to a degree that currently just isn't available to Nokia.

The Hardware

We already know that Microsoft have a pretty kickass track record with hardware design (Zune, Xbox, Surface), but adding in Nokia's amazing industrial design team will honestly lead to some impressively sturdy tech in the long run.

The exciting part will be a few years down the line when they employees have really become integrated. I'm personally excited to see a revision of the Surface with Nokia's team helping out, same goes for any other hardware (Smartwatch anybody?).

The Operating System

Possibly the biggest benefit of having the employees merged into Microsoft now is their ability to get shit done just skyrocketed. Have an issue with Windows Phone? Bug ticket it or work on it yourself. There is nothing preventing those awesome Nokia developers (the same ones who everyone praises for their applications on Windows Phone) from digging in and helping clean up the mess that currently is Windows Phone.

Surface Lineup

Possibly the thing to be the most excited for is the potential Surface product lineup. Surface Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Watch could very well be on the horizon with the added engineers from Nokia. This will really help bring Microsoft up to speed with the technology they have been missing.

Wrap Up

All in all this seems like a pretty sweet deal. Microsoft gets some of the best talent out there to come in house, Nokia shareholders get some value out of their crippled stock (which was dying long before Elop came into the picture). As an end user and a fan of Windows Phone, here's to the bright future ahead.