What a fantastic sight in the Nevada Desert

I drove to Vegas this weekend from Southern California for a relatives wedding, and THIS is what I saw dotting the landscape after I cleared some mountains in the desert.


via img10.imageshack.us

Used an HTC One, so don't expect top level detail here, but seeing as the base of those 3 towers were encircled with a sea of mirrors focused to the top of the towers, it looks like a solar thermal power plant. Not sure what type (stirling engines?)

When I first saw it I was genuinely amazed, it was like a scene out of science fiction, the light near the top of the towers seems to be so concentrated it kind of floats nearby as a sort ball of light (I wonder if all that light focused to those points just sort of makes the "invisible" atmosphere glow?). Looks really cool in person. Too bad I did not have a better camera with me.