Most obvious question about Kitkat, but somehow not many are asking it.

Why now?

Maybe this has been covered, but I did not glimpse the simple answer to this question.

Why is the Kitkat thing happening now?

Wrappers for the chocolate bars are being printed....the staute is standing....and everything is done...but 4.3 just came out. None other than Nexus have 4.3 yet...why are they already talking about 4.4?

Does this mean we will get 2 Android releases this year: 4.3 and 4.4? Will this be something like an "interim" release like Honeycomb...which will be meant for TVs, Smart watches etc. and the new features will trickle down to mobile in the next big version?

Offcourse this is a huge "marketing" push. Everybody is talking about Kitkat and Andoid atm. There needs to be a reason?

Or are they just very dreamy and did this when they full well know that 4.4 is coming out next year.