How have you pimped your iPhones (Naked, sheer or suited?)

Hey guys! I've taken your advice and im now rocking an iPhone 5. Dont judge me yet. The price I've paid for it comes less than what an iPhone 4S is selling for on the Apple store and I couldnt really afford an iPhone 5S.

The reason I've come to you guys again is to figure out which iPhone cases you guys are rocking right now. Just give me a name with your rating for it (out of 5) and a line on why you're using it. And if you're going naked, please explain why you're taking the risk :)

I recently bought a Spigen SGP Slim Armor from eBay, and it turned out to be a fake with horrible plastic mould and cut outs. The guy was asking to send it back but I really couldnt be bothered for 4 quid (yes I know it was too cheap to be genuine). Any constructive advice or how you've pimped your iPhones would be great as well.