Great deal on Canon printer!

Hi everyone,

This deal has been around for quite some time, but I thought I would share it anyway because it ends this month.

Canon is offering a $300 mail in rebate when you purchase a Pixma Pro-100 with 50 sheets of 13x19 Canon photo paper. Here is a link to the deal on Adorama: The total comes out to $99 after all is said and done.

The deal was even sweeter last week on Amazon, I bought mine for $77 after rebate including the paper. The printer arrived last week and I'm VERY satisfied with the results.

Note: I don't work for Canon/Adorama/Amazon, just thought I would give my fellow photographers a heads up! If you decide to get the printer, read the directions for the mail-in-rebate VERY carefully. Follow all the instructions EXACTLY or you risk not getting your $300.