Windows Phone and the future

Jan 3, 2013 i finally saved up enough to get myself a Lumia 920, i actually went through a lot to get this phone but that's another story for another time and Well... i guess it's time for me to finally jump ship.

The Lumia 920

How do i begin to talk about the 920, as of now, i would say its the best phone I've ever used, it's elegant, the colored unibody Polycarbonat shell with glossy and matte finish is beautiful, the weight just feels right in my hand.
The screen is beautiful and the 1280x720 resolution is more than enough.

Now if i keep speaking about the phone and build quality, its just perfect, at least for me.

So, why switch?

Windows Phone 8, probably the best mobile operating system I've used aside Android, i wont talk about iOS, i jumped that ship a long time ago and will never return there.

WP8 is beautiful, simple, elegant, stable but honestly, lacking in so many ways, as a mobile phone experience, its really solid, but as a smart device....its an ok experience, improving slowly but that's not enough.

But even though the experience is lacking, i am actually satisfied with WP8, the start screen makes me happy, i love the simplicity of swiping to the left to go for my apps and my beautiful start screen.

But after much consideration, i just don't trust Microsoft with WP8, I wont gonna list the problems with the platform, I'm 100% confident they will improve the experience and make WP8 be on par with iOS and Android but that's just it, i can't really see them doing anymore.

This year, I've ordered Wintersun's new album Time I, when the album arrived, i took with me to work cause I didn't have time (no pun intended) to rip the CD and transfer it to my phone, so i did it at work on my Mac there, and well, i didn't have a transfer cable. Normally on my Android, id just fire up Airdroid and send it, boom problem solved, but that was on my Android.

On my Lumia 920, i couldn't transfer the files, i uploaded them to Skydrive only to find out i still couldn't download them into the phone, which pissed me off royally, this was one of the reasons ive stopped using iOS, and now to face the same issues on WP8, it turned me off.

The future

When Ubuntu phone was unveiled, i was shocked, astonished, "this is the future" I've told myself. It's the most innovative thing I've seen since the original iPhone, i dont like the interface much but the whole "Convergence" thing caught my eyes.

And i thought "Hey, why doesn't Microsoft do this?". Think about it, with the Windows desktop OS and WP8, they provided an unparalleled experience, why not have a unified notification centre, and im not talking just calendar notification, i wish i could get my phone msgs on the desktop and reply from there or better yet, have my mobile screen on the monitor and manage it from there, launch apps and move files seamlessly.

A rushed concept I've put together:



Basically having the phone screen as an app, you could launch apps manage, type with a keyboard.



Another one, this is what Whatsapp would look like if launched, simple concept but could be very useful.


So basically, id like to see a future where phones integrate into the desktop operating system, sure we have the cloud and all, but i would prefer direct integration and more uniformity, Microsoft has the best platform for this, and they should really integrate WP8 into Windows 8.

Android is getting some amazing third party tools which allow this, and i have to say im shocked at how my android device plays well with my Windows, the amount of freedom is unparalleled, i could manage my phone, back up, transfer files without ease while its a pain on WP8 (still better than iOS).

BTW English is not my first language, so my fellow netizens do kindly excuse any mistakes.

Mobile history: Nokia 6600 ---> HTC Magic ---> iphone ---> Galaxy Nexus ---> Galaxy S2 ---> Lumia 920

Possible future phone: either a Nexus phone or Xiaomi Mi3